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1. High-capacity and high-speed read/write speeds free up your device potential, making it easy to capture exciting life clips.
2. High-quality flash memory chip, with good stability, safe and reliable, to ensure data is not lost. Refused to be unable to read content, can not be formatted, data is easy to lose, inexplicably required to format, data corruption.
3. UDMA7 interface specifications, achieve VPG-20 video performance, ensure standards, achieve full HD video capture, smooth and seamless picture quality. Take multiple photos at high speed and capture the wonderful moments. UDMA7 performance easily handles RAW format photos.
4. After soaking in water for 72 hours, it can still be used normally and has excellent waterproof and moisture resistance.
5. Can withstand cold and hot weather of -25-85 degrees Celsius.
6. X-ray protection, protection data is not destroyed by the X-ray detector.
7. Resistant to magnetic fields 13 times higher than magnetic in home theater speakers.

Product parameters:
1. Capacity: 32GB.
2. Transmission rate: 1000X (MB/s).
3. The highest writing speed: 120MB/s, the highest reading speed: 150MB/s.
4. Interface: UDMA7.
5. Specifications: VPG-20.
6. Size: 43x36x3.3mm.
7. Compatible devices: All SLR cameras that support CF cards and other digital devices with CF card slots.

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