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1. S1 Bluetooth selfie stick, the lipstick shape is designed for women.
2. The self-timer is made of electroplating technology, which is crystal clear and beautiful.
3. Suitable for a variety of mobile phone models, connect to Bluetooth to enjoy the fun of wireless self-timer.
4. Unique design makes the hidden selfie stick easy to carry.
5. With locking device, 180 degrees free to control, adjust at any angle according to the heart, horizontal / vertical row as you like, gently press the beauty.
6. Use a wear-resistant soft rubber non-slip phone holder to hold your phone tightly and not damage your phone.
7. With anti-rotation fixed groove design, the card position is tighter and firmer, which prevents the photo from being unclear due to looseness when taking pictures.

1. Stretch length: 165-600mm.
2. Compatible with Apple/Android phones.

Packing list:
Selfie stick x 1
Mirco USB charging cable x 1
Storage bag x 1
Instruction manual x 1

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