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1. Multi-angle rotation, self-timer angle set.
2. The top of the smart mirror design, release the camera behind the phone, self-timer more heart.
3. Seven-section lifting length controllable operation, allowing you to take close-up shots.
4. With the fixed position knob, the phone will not fall off after being clamped, and the phone is safer when used.
5. The position of the phone holder is protected by a cushion that does not hurt the edge of the phone.
6. Simple button, one-button selfie.
7. Powerful compatibility for a variety of models.
8. The pattern on the grip of the selfie stick is delicate, can be gripped with one hand, and the grip is comfortable and does not slip.
9. When you use it, you can use it along the top. It can be pushed forward without using it. It is small in size and can be put into the bag for easy carrying.

1. Maximum load capacity: 500g.
2. Extension length: 182mm-800mm.
3. Net weight of the product: 120 grams.
4. Number of poles: 7 knots.
5. Support system: Android 4.2 or above / IOS system 5.0.1 or above.
6. Material: aluminum alloy.
7. Wire-controlled connection, plug and play, no need to charge.

Packing list:
Selfie stick x 1
Instruction manual x 1

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